Emilia Silvas

Junior Scientist Innovator @ TNO (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research)
Visiting Reseacher @ Control Systems Technology Group, Eindhoven University of Technology
Email: emilia.silvas@tno.nl | e.silvas@tue.nl | Tel: +31 40 247 3174

Research Interests

  • Modeling, control and optimization of dynamic systems
  • Intelligent control by machine learning and optimization
  • Optimal design and control of hybrid electric vehicles
  • Control in high tech and high precision systems


  • M.Sc. Course 2016: Invited Lecturer - Vehicle Powertrain System Design [4AT030]
  • M.Sc. Course 2014 and 2015: Invited Lecturer - Electric and Hybrid Propulsion Systems [4N840]
  • PDEng Course 2013, 2016: Lecturer - Automotive Systems Design [Link]
  • M.Sc. Course 2013-'14 : Tutor OGO Project - Cars in Context [4N840]
  • M.Sc. Course 2013: Tutor OGO Project - Controller Design for a Printer Head [4G031]
  • B.Sc. Course 2013: Teaching Assistent - Control Engineering [4A550]
  • M.Sc. Course 2012: Teaching Assistent - Electric and Hybrid Propulsion Systems [4N840]

Previous Projects: Hybrid Innovations for Trucks

My PhD thesis work, on Integrated Hybrid Vehicle System Design, is particularized to commercial vehicles. This involves developing a method to optimally choose topologies, sizes and control for hybrid vehicles, both on the power train level as-well as at the auxiliary units level. My promoters are Prof. Dr. Maarten Steinbuch and Dr. Theo Hofman .
This project is part of a larger project, the Hybrid Innovation in Trucks (HIT)... read more about it here